This magic formula can reverse skin ageing and wrinkles in 5 days faster than anti-ageing cream. 1000s have tried and been successful and it’s free.
It’s an amazing anti-ageing secret from ancient Indian texts. Your skin can look visibly younger is mere 5 days if you follow the beauty instructions being shared by me. It involves three simple steps which you can yourself do involving magic ingredients, happy thoughts and breathing technique.

1. A skin pack which works on cell regeneration and cell renewal based on principles of Tvagrasayana as mentioned in Ayurveda. The anti-ageing pack can be made by you at home and will give absolutely stunning results in 5 days. Your wrinkles and ageing signs will reduce by 30 %.

How to Make
Take two shelled Walnuts, one inch piece of fresh Aloe Vera, two strands of saffron, a pinch of turmeric, two drops desi ghee and a matchstick head equivalent of camphor. Grind everything together to make a paste, no need to add water. It can be used on face as well as hands.

2. Aj Breathing
While anti-ageing pack is important the method is very crucial too. Before you apply the pack you need to do “Aj Breathing” for 3 minutes. Aj Breathing simply means Inhale to the count of three, hold for count of six and exhale to count of three. As you inhale say in your mind the word “Anandam”(Happiness) , as you hold your breath keep repeating the word “Aumhoo”(sound of the Universe) and while exhaling keep repeating the word “Samprati”(I live in the moment). Do it for at least three minutes.

3. Application with Visualisation
Apply only freshly made (same day) paste. While it is on your face keep your eyes closed and keep imagining a rose or any other flower in your mind. No phone or TV for this time. Wash with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Apply chilled water and then a drop of Kalonji oil.

Do it for 5 days to notice a visibly younger and wrinkle free skin in fact others will notice too. You can do it everyday as part of your beauty regime.But as mentioned above follow instructions carefully since anti- ageing involves mind, body and soul.
For individual guidance you can set an online consultation time with me, you can also leave your queries in comments section. Before I sign off some tips on weight Loss: Mental Aerobics for weight Loss

Why you may be failing at weight loss?

Happiness is great for Health.
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