As part of our happiness coaching we have a mandatory experiential one day hands on module. In this we explore the joys of having less! This time around we took the participants to Chandni Chowk @ 299 with the condition that each one is permitted to spend only Rs.299/- . This includes transport both ways from Gurgaon and eating shopping etc. When I initially told everybody that this needs to be done I heard a loud protest! ONLY 299/- HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

This kind of experience is especially useful for the group which is made up of affluent well placed people who find Happiness elusive.

Here is what happened that day! We took the metro to go Chandni Chowk as we could not afford any other mode! The ride itself was so much fun as everybody was really trying to think very hard as to how we will manage in 299 bucks. Once we reached Chandni Chowk, we huddled together to work out a plan. See creativity and resourcefulness already started germinating.

Since after keeping for commute only about 200 rupees remained with each participant to spend careful planning was a must. Since there were 4 participants a total of 800 rupees was with the group to eat , drink, shop and enjoy.

As we started our excursion of Chandni Chowk everyone was tempted to eat the amazing street food. Since money was limited it was decided that sharing will be the mantra for the day! The first thing to be shared was Dahi Bhalla!

Dahi Bhalla @ Chandni Chowk
Amazing Dahi Bhallas Chandni Chowk @299/-

Mind you this group would have thought nothing of buying full plates of Dahi Bhallas had there been no restriction of budget but since there was 2 plates were found to be sufficient.Next in line was guava but one of the group members advised against it once it was learnt that the price was 100 Rupees a kilo!

We moved to fruit chaat , again one plate only! Sharing and caring and budgeting! In fact the last drop of spicy lemon juice at the bottom was also licked away! Some pics!

Fruit chaat @ Chandni Chowk
Lip smacking fruit chaat Chandni Chowk @299/-
Fruit Chaat Masala @ Chandni Chowk
There is nothing like the juice and masala at the bottom of fruit chaat plate! Chandni Chowk @299
OOh lovely@ Chandni Chowk
There is nothing like the juice and masala at the bottom of fruit chaat plate! Chandni Chowk @299

Same sentiment carried through the trip and we enjoyed, matar kulcha, kachori,Kiwi, Lassi, Golgappe and Kulfi Faluda. All shared!

By now everyone was full and we still had money left. So it was time to shop! Definitely everyone wanted a keepsake of this amazing experience. I have to tell you here that all were glowing with the thinking they had had to put in managing the budget. The creativity and power to choose was showing in the face and walk!

We walked into a fabric shop knowing fully well that we could not afford a thing. This was new for most. But I was zapped to see how well each one took it and enjoyed window shopping.

Window Shopping @ Chandni Chowk
No Buying only looking Chandni Chowk @299

We were still looking for keepsakes and we found these beautiful clay spice jars. Prices at Rs30 only we could afford. Thereafter we picked up an earring each for Rs.20/-

earings chandni chowk
prized keepsakes Chandni Chowk @299
burni chandni chowk
prized keepsakes Chandni Chowk @299

I have never seen anybody so happy with shopping!

Happy Faces @ Chandni Chowk)
Outing made all glow! Chandni Chowk @299

And trust me with all the creativity that was exercised we still had about 180 rupees left with which we fed the poor!

As we headed back in metro we had mile long smiles!

Metro @ Chandni Chowk
Metro ride back Chandni Chowk @299

It was an amazing experience to learn why you are happier with less. It really makes you creative and more mentally agile.

In their own words participants said “This was the best outing ever” Hurray Chandni Chowk @299/-

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