These 14 Lateral thinking puzzles and  brain teasers are sure to make you go Oh Dear! How did I miss that? It is a lot of fun.The whole purpose of lateral thinking is to allow us to cut across patterns and to find new ideas. This is what occurs in an asymmetric system. Something might be invisible in foresight, but obvious and logical in hindsight. So without much blabber I take you straight into the puzzles. Think out of the box and don’t peep into the answers till you have tried really hard.

  1. Can you solve this? If one orange and one apple cost 2 rupees, how much two oranges and three apples cost?
  2. How can Ram be behind his wife, when she is behind him?
  3. What would you do if you find a fire station burning?
  4. What would you do if you find a fire station burning where there is no nearby fire station.
  5. On which side of the cat is the greater fur (hair) contained?
  6. What is that you can hold it only with your right hand, but not with your left?
  7. I want to pluck a mango from the tree. A peacock is sitting just by the side of the fruit.How can I get the same fruit without disturbing the bird?
  8. I inserted seven doughnuts to a rope and tied the two ends of it. I wanted to eat a doughnut without cutting the rope or breaking doughnut. How?
  9. In a running race, if you overtake the person running second, where (which position)would you be?
  10. If you overtake the last… then where would you be?
  11. A dog is tied to a 10 meters long rope. A bone is 15 meters away. The dog got the bone. How?
  12. Price of an article goes up by 10% and after one year comes down by 10%. When is the price at a lower level? Before raise or after the fall or equal to original?
  13. Are you adventure oriented? In a time machine you can go to future or past and return to exactly the same spot in space, after one hour. Would you try if it comes free of cost?
  14. Here is an interesting question based on maths and physics. The TV news says that the present day’s temperature in Kashmir is 0 degrees Celsius and it would be twice colder the next day. What would be the temperature the next day?

Are you going bonkers? Here are the Answers!

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