आप ज़िन्दगी में क्या चुनेगें आसान या मुश्किल What do you choose in Life? Motivational Talk by Anupma Say no to easy, only difficult is worth it! आसान तो छोड़िये मुश्किल ही आपके लायक है. This talk can change your life. Listen to Anupma former IAS Allied who cleared UPSC despite all odds.

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I am Anupma ex Civil Servant Ex IAS(A) who made it to UPSC despite being a failure in school , despite being Hindi medium and despite being laughed at. My talk is available on Josh Talks.If I can do it you can too. Now I follow my passion as a Happiness and Life Coach, as Mentor for IAS and other exam interviews and writtens, I am doing things as a writer, creator and Motivator! . You can hear my stories on Radio Bebaak Parindey on Anchor FM , Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts 
and on Hub Hopper Originals in Kahani Studio and Hamare Tumhare Khat. 
You can write to me at makehappyfoundations@gmail.com

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