Happiness Quotient

Today is April 24, 2019                                                                                   Happiness Quotient (HQ)

Welcome to your Happiness Quotient Test. 

You should complete this honestly and within 5 Minutes to get a true assessment of your happiness. 

1. I am able to forgive people easily
2. I engage in hobbies that I find exciting and engaging.
3. How often am I involved in giving to others?
4. I am aware of my strong points and I put them to good use.
5. How often do I have close interactions with friends or relatives?
6. I have feelings of gratefulness towards my life and people around me.
7. I feel that my life is important.
8. How much time do I spend on screens every day?
9. I am able to live in the present and do not think much about past or future.

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