Since the time I had started the 100 Days of risk-taking experiment I want to dedicate a day to seeking forgiveness from at least one person who I may have hurt in the past.

On day 7 I finally decided to do it! Although I was very uncomfortable with the idea but what was risk taking if not getting uncomfortable?

I created a list of people to seek forgiveness from, mostly hurt caused by misunderstandings. I chose a college friend with whom things had gone sour.

I started making an effort to find her number through common friends. In exactly two and a half hours I got her number, then came 3 hours of gathering courage.

Finally, I dialed and while I was waiting for the call to be picked up I suddenly got a flash that why not have some fun too!

As picked up I started speaking in local Lucknawi dialect.

She: Hello who is this??

Me: Hum bol rahe hain.

She: Hum kaun? (But she did not put the phone down.

Me: Aapki purani Saheli.

She: Silence, then kitni purani ?

Me: I remembered I used to call her Amma as she was always so proper and correcting me. I said Amma jitti purani.

She: After a moment she said I T College?

Me: Yes

She: Kyun Phone Kiya

Me: Sorry bolne ke liye!

She: Kab Milegi?

Me: Kal? Aajkal Main is shahar mein….

She:Pata hai kahan rehti ho, kya karti ho ! Abhi mar nahe gaye hain hum. Aur suno kadhi bana kar le aana! Bye  (My Kadhi is famous)

That was it! I felt so good almost as if these 23 years had not gone by. And she had kept track of me?

Why did I not make that call before? I deprived myself of a fine friend for so long!

My Takeaways

  1. Seeking forgiveness is like lifting of a dark cloud from your head.
  2. Your predictions about the forgiver can be totally wrong and messed up.
  3. It feels terrific to take this step.

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