21 Day LoA online program Day 3

This is Day 3 of the 21 Day LoA Laws of Attraction course/program . Today we going to discuss the correct moment in which you should sow your desire in the Universe. I hope everyone has penned down their one Desire they want to manifest. There are 3 best moments when you should sow your […]

Choose a symbol, know your future for next 45 days!Simple !

Choose a Symbol from among the following to know your future Cat,Horse,Snake,Tree,River,Star,Dog   what you choose reveals what is coming your way way in next 45 days!   Symbol The Future Cat Abundance Horse Progress Snake Spiritual Growth Tree Travel River Closure of Chapter Star Health Dog Love Some more amazing stuff Grey hair can be […]

What does your Nose Shape say about you? Find out!

Well your Nose Shape does say a lot about you. This is scientific Face Reading. So what does your nose say!   1.The Nubian nose This type of nose has the downward pointing tip, and the bridge of it always remains straight and rigid. The downward tip defines that the person is down to earth […]


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