We offer group classes, one-to-one sessions and guest lectures at events and at corporates and educational institutes.

     The courses

    1. Basic Happiness course – 4 sessions to learn all about Happiness
    2. Happiness Foundations – 8 weeks – one class a week
    3. How to Fail – 4 weeks – one class a week
    4. Happiness Intelligence (Hi 5) program  – 8 weeks – one class a week
    5. Happiness Conversationalist: customised  program 1-to-1 or in groups
    6. Breathing and Thought Transformation based Stress Reduction course- 4 sessions to effectively handle stress. Highly suitable for high achievers.
    7. How to get what you want from the Universe- Practical guide to laws of attraction- 8 sessions for amazing results.
    8. Better Health through better attitudes- 4 sessions :Learn the connection between attitudes and health and how to achieve good health.

We offer Corporate programs tailored to the organisation’s core competency and needs based on the above themes.

  1. Solutions

We also offer personalised bespoke coaching sessions.


    1. Personal One-to-one sessions on stress reduction
    2. Train your mind with simple activities to achieve goals like anger management, weight loss, achieving a goal and ultimately achieving happiness and satisfaction
    3. Tailored personalised interactions on attaining happiness
    4. Customised solutions on thought transformation
    5. Conversationalist – a unique combination of art and science to change your frame of mind from low to elevated, sad to  happy through one to one conversation on various topics.

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