100 Days of Risk-taking experiment Day 8 pushes me to speak my mind.

As Day 8 of my 100 Days of Risk Taking experiment approaches,a  thought had been bubbling in my mind and I decided to give it shape. I decided that today I will speak my mind. And it was a good Day too, I had to take my kids to a Birthday Party in the neighborhood.

As me and my kids reached the venue, I saw a beautiful table laden with gifts

Return Gifts: Focus of Kids
Return Gifts: Focus of Kids

And all kids coming to attend the party first looked at that table with satisfaction and why not? They were the return gifts.

All through the party all kids including mine were simply waiting for the party to end so that they could collect the return gifts. I felt the focus of kids had totally shifted from enjoying the company of their friends to what they were getting as gift!

I feel really bad about it. What is this concept of return gifts? If it’s a child’s Birthday, a special day and she/he gets gifts its understandable but why kids who attend should get a gift? And they attend not less than 4 -6 parties every month. In fact, return gift takes away the fun from gifts totyally. Most of the times kids are excited only till the time they get it after that it thrown in a corner!

So I decided to speak my mind, as we were leaving and return gifts were being handed out I said I’ll pass these (Much to my kids’ chagrin) as I feel return gifts are not a good idea. Let’s do away with them.

There was a stunned silence, after a few seconds somebody said yes, I also feel the same. But few more said if it makes the kids happy then why not?

Thus, began the debate and there were people with both points of view. Gradually I saw a growing tribe of Moms and Dads who actually found return gifts useless and burdensome. A Dad also pointed out that till they were limited to normal cookies or chocolates it was still ok but now there were no limits to what could be given in return gifts.

Anyway, we stepped out of the party and my real moment in the sun came when one Mom walked up to me and said I am glad you started this debate, return gives are quite damaging but nobody says it fir the fear of sounding cheap or fun spoiler. Now we have a huge group of people who stand up against return gifts. There also a group of people who hates me for doing this, for speaking my mind but its ok. I felt very satisfied and content for speaking my mind.

Key Take Aways

  1. Speaking your mind carries a lot of hesitation born out of fear of criticism/rejection
  2. Once you do speak your mind it empowers and emboldens you in some very strange way, your convictions become stronger.
  3. Some people will agree with some will ridicule but still you end up happier.

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