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Start Up Expo 3, Make Happy Foundation

Start up Expo 3 , Make Happy Foundation creates ripples, Passion works!

Yes we were part of the Start up Expo 3 and sharing the passion and the  experience with pictures. It has been a totally amazing week for Make Happy Foundation. We were invited to attend the Start Up Expo 3 at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on 6th October 2018. I was in two minds to […]

say no

Hey Women! 10 things you must say No to for Happiness

Ladies if you start saying No to these 10 things I can guarantee that you will be , happier, joyful and younger than ever before. It is most empowering to say No and NO means NO !

Wealth makes you unhappy

Too much money can make you unhappy very seriously! Wealth can spell disaster for happiness!

Wealth makes you unhappy!!
5 mantras for Happiness: • Practice Gratitude. • Live on Less. • Provide for Yourself, be self-sustaining • Appreciate the Outdoors • Seek Community & Build Family Ties.

Stop the chase of wealth, be Happy!


Who Am I? The small town girl

  Mine is a simple story of the girl next door who grew up in amazingly simple small towns of Uttar Pradesh , the biggest state of India. As me and my family hopped from one rustic locale to another my life got enriched with peculiar characteristics of that place. The earliest memories I have […]

Attitude disease connect questionnaire/ test

Attitude disease Co-relation workshop , sharing the attitude disease questionnaire for health risk test!

Everyone who attended the workshop took a test to find out their risk factor for specific diseases. Its a simple questionnaire and scores reveal a lot. Sharing it here along with scoring method link. So what are you waiting go ahead! Its PDF format so either you could take a print out or note your […]

Disease Attitude connect. Why you get a specific disease? Attitude Disease List

Make Happy Foundation had a great workshop on Attitude Disease Connect.  The participants learnt what attitudes can do to your health.  I would share the key takeaways below. 

Happy children enjoying an interactive session

• Practice Gratitude. • Live on Less • Provide for Yourself, be self-sustaining • Appreciate the Outdoors • Seek Community & Build Family Ties.

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