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IAS interview

How to crack the IAS and other interviews. Sure shot tips.

Here are some IAS interview secrets which I can tell from experience. After all I have been there! Yes I quit after 23 years. Watch this video to see what it takes to crack the IAS interview. Please comment and share

Count your eggs before they are hatched!!

Count your eggs before they are hatched! Set the Universe conspiring!

The Laws of Attraction rules to make the universe conspire! Count your eggs right now! All your life you have been told, DONโ€™T count your eggs before they are hatched! What if they donโ€™t hatch after all? Shun this proverb I say. This is one attitude that keeps you from getting what you want from […]

Nawabi Shahi Paneer Matar

The tastiest Nawabi Shahi Paneer Matar ever!

This tastiest Nawabi Shahi Paneer is amazingly simple to cook but tastes too good. Even non cooks can make it and I bet your guests will be floored. Ingredients: 400gms fresh paneer (Cottage Cheese) 100gms green peas 200gms pureed fresh tomato 200gms fresh cream (Beaten Malai) Cinnamon Bay Leaf Cloves 4-5 Cardamom 3-5 Whole Red […]

Exotic Papaya Radish Veg

Delicious Exotic Rustic Raw Papaya, Raw Mango, Radish and Chillies Veg, Must Try

This delicious , exotic, rustic vegetable made of Raw Papaya, Mango, Radish and chillies is an absolute delight, The recipe belongs to villages of Uttar Pradesh. It is a unique combination, tastes delicious and is great for your health in summers. It can last for 3-4 days easily in refrigerator. Ingredients: Raw Mango, Raw Papaya […]

Kathua and Unnao

Kathua & Unnao! How can people so barbaric, violent and full of hatred? 5 primary reasons

In the past few days India has felt so outraged with barbaric acts of violence and hatred, in Kathua & Unnao. These two incidents have shook the nation.     The act of extreme hatred of the kind which blinds a person to all reason and humanity springs from within and this within is created […]

connect with nature workshop

Spontaneous Connect with Nature Workshop,Kids’ pictures say it all !!

We at Make Happy Foundation indulged in a spontaneousย  Connect with Nature Workshop with Kids. There was nothing but leaves and branches left after priming of the garden to enjoy with. And Boy did we enjoy. Here are the pictures and I suppose no more words are needed! Please comment and share. You may also […]

Happy children enjoying an interactive session

Laughter is the best medicine.....

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