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Daily Happylogues 100 happy days

Daily Happylogues 100 Happy Days Day 20

Daily Happylogues 100 Happy Days, Happiness  Practice 20, Sow a seed of any plant and watch it grow. It can be in a pot or ground but do it right away! As the plant grows so will your happiness. Must read for Happiness Be Happy and throw the medicine chest out of the window! Why […]

puzzle Day 19

3 Killer Brain Teasers to knock you out, Happy Brains Daily Riddles

3 Killer Brain Teasers on Happy Brains Daily riddles will challenge your intelligence today. Normally 8th graders can handle this. What about you? 1.A man was walking in the rain. He was in the middle of nowhere. He had nothing and nowhere to hide. He came home all wet, but not a single hair on […]

Puzzled 18

Happy Brains Daily Riddles, Day 18, Edgar Allan Poe puzzle

Hare is Happy Brains Daily Riddles Day 18. We got a twist in the tale, you need to really think out of the box to crack this Edgar Allan Poe Puzzle The following poem  contains descriptions and clues of 11 famous literary figures. The poem is attributed to Edgar Allan Poe with writing the poem.  […]

puzzle Day 17

Happy Brains Daily Riddles, Day 17, This will trouble you!

Happy Brains Daily Riddles has got two amazing commonsense puzzles. You will be surprised. John Heysham Gibbon was most renowned surgeon of 1940-1970. More than 90% of his surgeries he performed are highly successful and still almost all of his patients die.Explain ? Answer   2  .Can you arrange the six given marbles in a […]

Daily Happylogues 100 Happy days day 18

Daily Happylogues 100 Happy Days Day 18, Say NO

Daily Happylogues 100 Happy Days , Day 18 , the happiness practice says learn to say no! Saying NO can be very powerful specially in circumstances where you are doing certain things simple because it is expected of you but you don’t believe in them like accepting nonsense. So think about your life and zero […]

riddle illusion

Happy Brains Daily Riddles Day 16, Are your eyes deceiving you? Mind boggling illusions

In Daily Riddles today we bring you a crazy kind of stuff. Your eyes can totally deceive you, don’t believe me? try these optical illusion puzzles to kick start mid week. What do you see ? Heap of pebbles ? look again! Hint 2. Ooops! What is the fact? Hint 3. Can you spot the […]

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